Slippers and Things

One of the first crocheted gifts that I received was a pair of slippers from my aunt, Jennifer. This sewed the seed (or crocheted it ;-) !) in my brain and got me thinking about making things like this for myself. It was these slippers and lovely baby things that Juno’s aunt, Dee made for her when she was born that inspired me to learn how to crochet :-)

These are the slippers that I was given as a gift, the soles are worn out and need some attention! The sides and front are beautiful granny squares!

IMG_4778In March I decided to try and make myself a pair a slippers (since the others were worn out) and I found this video tutorial for Mary Jane Slippers from BobWilson123. (I love these tutorials, they make crocheting very straightforward especially when you are a beginner!) I decided to make ankle slippers rather than Mary Janes cos my feet like to be very cosy :)

And the result…


These were one of my very first crochet projects and I was so proud of them, they get worn a lot! But they are far from perfect.

Recently I decided to make another pair for a friend for her birthday and I asked my Aunt for the pattern she had used for my original pair. The pattern can be found here. I had to adjust and play around with the pattern a little bit because of the yarn I wanted to use and the size of my friends feet ;-) This is what they turned out like…


What do you think?

The weather is just beautiful here in Dublin at the moment! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are, Happy Friday!



Candle Cozies, Owls and Things

I’ve seen a few candle cozies online lately and really liked them, so I wanted to make a few for myself. I decided not to look for a pattern but make my own design instead. I think they turned out ok :) The pink one is my favourite. I’m looking forward to trying some in other colours too. I used Drops Paris Cotton and Rico Creative Cotton yarn (I have a cotton obsession at the moment!).


IMG_4822Pattern to follow :)

I’ve crocheted a few owls lately and am starting to really love them, there are some amazing patterns online! How cool is this Drowsy Owl hat by Repeat Crafter Me.DrowsyOwl1HOOT HOOT!

I am currently working on a baby blanket for a friend and am using the V Stitch. I am following this lovely pattern by Stitch 11. As mentioned in the pattern, using the V stitch creates lots of holes (in a good way), this helps reduce the risk of SIDS for babies. Again I am using cotton yarn which is definitely my favourite at the moment. Here’s a very tiny sneek peak so that you can see the effect close up.

photo1 (9)

Hope everyone is having a good week so far, what projects are you working on?


Small Projects and Things

I’m working on a number of small projects this week. Some are gifts so I’ll post pictures here once the recipient has seen them :-)

Here’s a peek at a couple of them.

I wonder what this could be?

IMG_4563This is a new headband (I LOVE headbands!). I used Sugar n’ Cream cotton for this one, I love the colours. I used this pattern from Little Monkeys Crochet.


I also had my first order through my Etsy shop this week which was very exciting :) It’s all packaged and ready to go…

Yes this is just a picture of an envelope but I’m very excited about it! ;-)

photo (10)

I will be adding some more items to my Etsy shop very soon :)

This lovely cotton will (eventually) be a granny hexagon blanket, I can’t wait to get started on it. When I was making the hexagon table runner I fell in love with the hexagons so decided to make a blanket all for myself :)


I have seen SO many new patterns this week, I want to make everything! Here are some I’ve seen that I’d really love to make.

This bag from Tamara at Moogly, I love the colour combination used here.


and this baby unicorn from Little Yarn Friends. Juno would love it!


Thank you for reading and please let me know if you have any thoughts x


T-Shirt Yarn and Things

Before I get to the t-shirt yarn, I’d like to share some pictures of my finished hexagon table runner. I added a 3 layered border around the outside. I still have to block it so it will be all flattened/straightened out, I will do that over the next few days. What do you think?



Now…T-Shirt Yarn!

From a t-shirt…




to…a ball of t-shirt yarn!


How cool is that? Such a great idea!

I found a tutorial on Look at What I Made and I HAD to try it. I raided our wardrobes and found loads of t-shirts we hadn’t worn for ages. I’m going to turn them into something we will use! I’m really really excited about that project! Watch this space :)

I hope everyone is having a good week. Let me know what you think of this post, and don’t forget you can follow me here or on Facebook!

Happy Hump Day x

Sneak Peeks and Things

On Tuesday I finished the last of the 17 hexagons for my table runner. The colours and cotton yarn I have used would make a lovely blanket, but I’m sticking with the table runner for now. I will make a blanket like this someday though :)

hexagon box

stack of hexagons

Yesterday I started to join them (and once I started I couldn’t stop!). I spent the evening sewing in the ends, and there were a lot! The next and final part is to crochet a border all around the outside. Here’s a sneak peek of what has been completed so far…

hexagon zoom preview

hexagon previewI’m so excited to finish this project over the next few days :)

On another note…

Hello! and a massive THANK YOU :) to all my new followers here and on Facebook, you guys are the best!

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Can’t believe its almost Friday again, Happy Thursday x

Hexagons and Things

I love love love bright colours, it’s what draws me to a pattern when I am searching online. This is my box of things for the current project I’m working on…

project box hexagons

It is or at least it will be a Hexagon Table Runner. I found the pattern on this brilliant site: A Creative Being. It’s a really beautiful, colourful website with loads of really lovely patterns. I aspire to have a website like this someday…a girl can dream! :-)

The pattern calls for 17 hexagons, I have completed 9 so far. This will be my first project where I have to join squares (or hexagons!) so I am looking forward to completing it. I love the colours that were used in the original pattern so have used similar colours from my stash, although I had to substitute some. I’m using cotton aran yarn.

9 hexagons 1

I’m still making bowls…

mams bowl

I LOVE this throw by BetteDesigns. I want to make one of these! Maybe this will be my next project.

bettedesigns throw

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. x


More Bowls and Things


I love making these little crochet bowls, they work up so fast and you can keep all your bits and bobs in them! :-) I used this pattern from Seriously Daisies.


My Mother is wearing a beautiful dress my Aunt made for her to a party next weekend and she asked me to make a belt for it. It’s not quite finished yet. She chose quite chunky yarn, I think this pattern would also be nice and more delicate with something lighter.

belt belt zoom

A new red headband :-) Check out my Etsy Shop here.

red button headband red button headband zoom

Have a lovely week x